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Generated an additional $25 million in revenue

Global 1000, forty year-old company.

Situation / problem: 
The company had prior experience in software development, however nothing near the complexity of the new undertaking. In-depth planning addressed only those tasks to be performed in the coming two months. Risk assessment activity was non-existent. Without clear definition of the customers' requirements or the proper tools to ensure those requirements were flowed to design engineers, failure was inevitable.

The following efforts were performed: Implemented a methodical process to determine specific user needs. Flowed these needs into design requirements. Involved and gained the support of those performing the work, in planning efforts. Determined what efforts had to be performed to meet the design requirements. Estimated cost and schedule based on these efforts.

Determined potential problem areas. Specifically assessed risks based on those potential problems. Implemented the newly developed road map


Value: Real challenges being cost-effectively overcome - for twenty years.