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Business Planning / Investor-Readiness Services

Are you searching for capital to build or expand your business? Our Investor Readiness Program is designed to help you raise capital - by helping you with your first impression.

This service includes:

Business 'story': Synergy Consulting provides strategic guidance and helps you build your ‘story’ in sufficient detail for you to [1] implement the necessary actions to achieve your business objectives, or [2] represent your plan to potential investors. These typically include:

    - Elevator pitch,
    - Presentation, and
    - Business Plan

We will help you develop a clear and concise story so you can communicate it to others. The purpose of the Elevator Pitch is to secure more interest, in the form of initial meetings. The purpose of the Presentation is to increase the interest level at the meetings to a point where the potential investor will request a business plan. The purpose of the Business Plan is to get into serious discussions with potential investors. Synergy Consulting may or may not perform market research, depending on your budget and time frame. To provide quick response, we typically rely on information provided by the Company.

Financials: Synergy Consulting provides financial guidance and develops Business Financials Plans in sufficient detail to represent your plan to potential investors with realistic assumptions. These typically include:

    - Income Statement,
    - Balance Sheet, and
    - Statement of Cash Flows

We work with your assumptions of estimates for market size, sales units, staffing levels, cost of goods sold, and costs to market and sell, etc. Then we prepare projections encompassing monthly details for the first two years and annual detail for the next three years. We will then work with you to modify and mold the assumptions and financials into a believable story for the company and for potential investors. The financial assumptions and business plan will be in synch. Our successful systems and experience have helped many companies with successfully raised money.


Value:  You only have one chance to make a first impression. Make yours count!