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Synergy principals have been interviewed by national publications & media stations, and recruited by national organizations.

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new1.gif (913 bytes)SWWDC puts together program to help entrepreneurs.
(After the brief ad.)

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new1.gif (913 bytes)KUIK's "The Business Voice" interviews
Synergy Partner Mark Paul

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new1.gif (913 bytes)Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council (SWWDC)
business conference is covered by The Columbian

Guest article for The Columbian
(Exerpt from the Entrepreneur's Survival Guide)

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Synergy's managing partner profiled.

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Synergy Client doubles customer base in three months!

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"Dreambuilders TV" recruits Synergy partner
for their "Ask the Expert" segment.

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Steve Strauss writes about Synergy partner's
innovative marketing approach.

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Synergy partner's article about the
"physics of business" published.

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Linda Stern writes about
Synergy's interim executive services.

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Letter to the Editor:
Focus on businesses -
They create jobs!

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Jack Rubinger writes about Mark Paul
as Portland's "Renaissance Man."

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John Bradley interviews Synergy partner
about "The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide."

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Company references the survival guide
to lower entrepreneurial risk. (2001)

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Company recruits Synergy partner as
"Strategy & Leadership" discussion forum moderator.

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AMA recruits Synergy partner as panelist
for "Trends in Marketing" seminar.

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The CEO Refresher writes about
interactive nature of the Survival Guide.

logo_Oregonian.gif (2556 bytes) Ted Katauskas, Dylan Rivera, Foster Church and
Boaz Herzog all quote Synergy partner.
NXergy written up.

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Published "Venture Team" &
"Business Tax Credit" articles


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