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Complete programs sooner, reducing your Time-to-Market

Synergy's Partner has 20 years' experience of successfully and dramatically reducing time-to-market

If you are trying to reduce your time to market / program schedules, decrease the money you are spending in development, and provide higher quality products / solutions, then Synergy can help you. We have implemented project management / product development processes improvements in 6-person companies through Global 200 companies.

In product development / project management, time can be worth more than money. Bringing new products to market late can mean the death of a product (in a competitive market) before it's even born! And, it can cause customer backlash.

Three examples: [1] Reduced TTM from 24 months to 14 months (company-wide: $300 million a year company); [2] Reduced 24-month project to 6 months (one "skunk-works" project); [3] Brought 8 new products to market in 18 months (the company had only one product, after ten years ($3 million a year company)).

Value:  Synergy can help you develop &/or turbo-charge your entire project management / product development process: to achieve your corporate and program objectives