Services to Help Your Company Grow

Synergy's efforts are all about return on your investment

If you are looking for 2x - 3x revenue increase in 3 to 18 months, call us!

Example Returns on Investment (ROI) our clients have received:

   - Added over $6 million in lifetime customer value to $34 million a year manufacturing company.
    Increased DM response rates 4.7x. Increased # customers from prior year 137%. Reduced
    customer-acquisition costs from $212 to $81 per customers. Interim CMO for twelve months.

    - Helped client increase their average weekly customer base from 125 to 200 (Two months).
    Customer-attraction improvement: 60%. It took 2 months.

   - Determined that client was leaving up to $1.76 million on the table.
    Revenue ROI = 350x: Through pricing research, determined that $2 million / year client had
    significantly under-priced their service.

   - Doubled # of customers, increasing monthly income over 70%. (3 months).
    Revenue ROI = 40x: Increased from $100,000 to over $170,000 per month.
    Additional revenue: $133K in 3 months. Increased to an additional $100K/month,
    which yielded a 40-to-1 ROI the 1st year!

   - Increased company valuation from $1 million (best prior offer) to nearly $20 million. (6 months).
    ROI = 220x: Additional income to owner: $19,000,000.

   - Helped client grow at a 40%+ rate while increasing profitability by 75%. (11 months).
    Revenue ROI = 40x / Profitability ROI=7.3x: Revenue: Increased from $8.571 million
    to $12 million ($3.429 million). Additional profits: $621K

   - Increased pricing 50% from $8 to $12 per unit, thereby doubling client’s profits
    (from $4 to $8 per unit.)  50,000 units per year ordered as a result. (Less than a month).
    Cash ROI = 333x: Additional gross profits: $200K.

   - Dramatically shifted business model resulting in his company being funded. (One month).
    ROI = 250x: Found funding: $150,000.

   - Enabled client to recognize current actions would cost an additional $400,000. (Two months).
    ROI = 6.7x: Savings: $340,000.

   - Improved revenue from $3 million/year to $5 million/year and cash
    from $150,000 to $1.4 million. (18 months.)
    Revenue ROI = 10x / Cash improvement = 9.33x: Additional revenue: $3 million.
    Additional cash in the bank: $1.25 million.

   - Grew net profits: over 50% to $1 million. (3 months).
    Cash ROI = 7x: Additional net profits (and cash in the bank): $500K.

   - Improved response to company’s marketing efforts. (2 1/2 months).
    Marketing ROI = 80x: Improved from $1"buying" 50 cents in revenue to $1 buying $40.

   - Raised first round of financing. (12 months).
     ROI = 12.5x: Found funding: $750,000.

   - Built $50 million business unit of Global 500 company. (2 years).
      ROI = 50x: Gross profits: $8 million.

Can we bring the same return on investment (ROI) to you in the same time-frame? That depends on where your company currently is, what you’re trying to achieve, what services we provide for you, and how willing and able you and your organization are - to accept and implement change.

Please note: These are actual results of our services. However, there is no guarantee that these results can be obtained by your company. Each situation is unique by its nature.

Value:  Our main focus is on providing you significant return on your investment.