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Managing Partner

Mark Paul, Managing Partner                          
Executive Leadership, Strategic Marketing


Associates are experts in their field: you are assured of the most experienced and professional help available.

Business Associates

Patrick Wheeler, 503-645-1645
Management Contract Services: Finance & Accounting

Manoj Garg: 503-348-2510
file Information Executives Business IT Strategy Services
Business Growth Group member

Bill Etheredge: 503-673-0297
WCE Consulting Group: Channel Strategist
Business Growth Group member

Lisa Magnuson: 503-753-5209
Top Line Sales, LLC
Business Growth Group member

John Boone: 503-481-6916
Business Advisor
Business Growth Group member

Eric Williams: 503-535-8817
Codiligent LLC: Business Broker
Business Growth Group member

Mike Temple: 971-235-5585
PlusPoint Consulting
Business Growth Group member

Michael Coates: 503-780-3945
PUSH Business Consultants

Iris Sasaki: 503-781-8982
Human Resources Consultant

Dave Yewman: 360-573-3530
Dash Consulting

Mark Finell: 503-542-3931
Insurance Partner, LLC

Alexander Domingo: 971-212-7668
Graphic Designer

Value:  You are assured of significant experience in cost-effectively growing companies.