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Concept Evaluation

Do you need to reduce your risk of a new idea? Do you want to increase your probability of successfully implementing a "winning" idea?

Phase 1 - Preliminary analysis:

Our Concept Evaluation services were developed to provide entrepreneurs with an objective assessment of their concepts: Whether it is a start-up, spin-out, spin-in, roll-up, IP licensing, etc. We will meet with you to discuss your business concept - to listen and ask questions and fully understand your concepts, goals, and objectives, and then share our thoughts & concerns and provide feedback on your concept. We will outline additional information we think you will need in order to proceed with your pre-planning. We will counsel you on what information is required in order to assess potential risks and rewards. Our goal, based on our extensive experience with all sizes of businesses, is to assist in your venture’s success.

Phase 2 - Strategic Assessment:

Once you have had a chance to work through our analysis and recommendations, and obtain the information you need, we will work with you to develop viable choices for your new venture success. We will meet with you to review your ‘new’ situation and then to provide strategic feedback on the concept. We will counsel you on what information is required in order to move forward.

Phase 3 - Support business / revenue model development:

Once you have integrated our strategic advice into your concept, we will work with you to clarify a specific business and revenue model and to outline areas needing specific market / customer research (to validate the concept). We will also advise you on the process to obtain primary market information. You will have a clear idea of what is essential in order to move ahead with the project.


Value:  In short order, this service helps you evaluate "you-bet- your-company" issues, before you spend too much money.