Entrepreneur's Survival Guide

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The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide
Real-world. Real-advice. Real learning.

Used by thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders to build their companies:

     "Will set you firmly on the path to corporate excellence...
     ignore it at your peril!"

     "A clear guide for the hurdles we will encounter in the future."

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     take your business to the next level."

Recommended by investors:

     "I heartily recommend this book. Reading and referring to this book
     will give you a head start on the road to success."

     "Provides an excellent roadmap and is a 'must read'!"."

     "Mark Paul has captured 'lightning in a bottle' that is the
     entrepreneurial experience."

   "I was amazed at how well the book captures the essence
     of the steps required to increase the chances of entrepreneurial
     success, yet is so easy to read and absolutely practical."

     "The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide will save entrepreneurs
     precious time in building their companies."


Contents, Forwards, Quotes and Pricing

Table of Contents

Leadership Effectiveness: The most essential characteristics that make people great leaders can also be their biggest weaknesses. This section looks at how specific characteristics & behaviors of leaders can be fine-tuned for greatest affect to build your company.

   What Makes a Great Leader?
   Are You Ready for Your Next Level?
   What are the Core Values of Leading CEOs?
   A Simple Secret to Successful Leadership
   Change Leadership: Taking Your Company to New Heights
   Your Leadership Style: Inspiring Followership
   How to Bankrupt Your Company Without Really Trying
   Develop Your Strategic Plan in Two Days

Building Your Company: This section shares fundamental actions executive officers can take to get their company on a firm foundation. The tips and tricks in this guide are as important to existing companies - looking to grow their business - as they are for entrepreneurs looking to form new companies.

   How to Build Your Company
   Raising Money in a Tight Market
   Building Your Game Plan
   Building Your Team
   Building Your Story
   Creating the Stock Structure
   Building Credibility
   The Realities of Raising Money

Improving Marketing and Sales Performance: This sections discusses the how performing market research - and determining the specific value you can offer your customers - can help you turbo-charge your company's growth. From customer research to maximizing revenue, this section helps you determine if there is a "there", there and can set you up for success.

   The Real Value of Market Research
   How to Value Price Your Products and Services
   Maximizing Marketing ROI: Research to Sales
   Strategic Selling Skills for Technology Entrepreneurs
   How to Attract Significantly More Customers

Improving Organizational Performance: This section covers the strategic and tactical changes you can make to help people 'outperform themselves". From project management to strategic planning, hiring the best, and improving organizational development.

   Organizing for the Customer
   Achieving Peak Company Performance
   How to Hire the Best People
   How to Predict the Future
   How to Manage Projects
   How to Define Products
   Solutions for this New Millennium
   Reasons Why Some Organizations Perform Poorly

Forwards to the book

"Entrepreneurial experience is a key element to success. But experience is not a commodity and is very difficult to teach efficiently and pass along; it's like "capturing lightning in a bottle." Mark Paul has captured the "lightning in a bottle" that is the entrepreneurial experience. The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide methodically and effectively outlines the process of evaluating a business concept and bringing it to fruition as a new enterprise. I was amazed at how well the book captures the essence of the steps required to increase the chances of entrepreneurial success, yet is so easy to read and absolutely practical. This is a must read for those considering entrepreneurial pursuits."

Eric Pozzo, Vice President
Operations: First Silicon Solutions, Inc.
Board of Directors for ABC Technologies,
A serial entrepreneur.

"Achieving entrepreneurial success is an awesome challenge – somewhat akin to climbing Mt. Everest. This book can serve as your wise and trusted 'Sherpa' on this formidable journey. The Guide distills an enormous amount of information, wit, and wisdom into a highly readable digest for the entrepreneur.

Its snappy style will capture your attention and keep it focused on straightforward and pragmatic concepts and activities. Mark’s thoughtful compilation will help you navigate the treacherous waterways of new enterprises. If you want to start, grow, and manage a new business, this book is a 'must read.'

The text is extremely well organized with thoughtful diagrams, examples, checklists, and practical tools for the entrepreneur. In addition to its comprehensive content, the material is organized so that targeted chapters address specific issues or concerns.

Most importantly, this book does NOT make false assurances about 'success' factors in starting and building your own company. Instead, Mark tries to help the creative entrepreneur identify and formulate his or her own 'special sauce.'

I heartily recommend this book for those contemplating starting a new company or business. Reading and referring to this book will give you a head start on the road to success."

Debi Coleman, Managing Partner
SmartForest Ventures
Portland, Oregon

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