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What do our clients say about the value they receive? They will tell you that we have helped them:

  - Acquire more customers
  - Improve cash situation
  - Improve profitability
  - Increase company value
  - Reduce time to market

A summary of what clients say about Synergy Consulting's value:.

Significantly More Revenue
I highly recommend Mark if you want to generate significantly more revenue for your company. Mark is both a creative thinker as well as pragmatic and very aggressive when it comes to helping his clients be successful."


Dynamic, Go-to Guy
"Mark is a dynamic, focused "go to guy" who has depth in business understanding and knows how to channel that into helping companies grow their businesses. If you want to take your business to the next level (whether startup or established), Mark is definitely the person who can craft the roadmap and lead you there."
Attracting More Customers
"Mark has helped us better understand the strategic nature of marketing - to get at the nuances of our customers' needs, so we can reach them most effectively. He is also a tremendous wealth of knowledge, offering insights when we need it."
Client's best interests
"I felt that Mark always had my company’s best interest at heart. I would recommend Synergy to any small business that is looking for a way to increase their revenue!"
"I have had a very positive experience working with Mark from Synergy. His professionalism is refreshing and his ideas are always backed-up by strong data."
"Mark has been a tremendous help to us in the start-up phases of our business, and we look forward to working with him as our business grows."
"Synergy has made a difference - helping us achieve growth at a 40%+ rate and increasing profitability by 75%."
"I should've hired Synergy Consulting two years ago!"


More customers
"You have already added significant value to my company and to me! We hired you to help me quickly increase the number of customers, revenue, and improve our cash-flow... I am glad I did! Very shortly after engaging you, we have seen a serious increase in our orders!
"Mark, I appreciate how quickly you came up to speed! Especially in light of your flexibility in the payment plan we developed, and you taking a risk on your own recommendations by taking a part of your fee from additional revenue."


Highly recommended
"I have no hesitation recommending that other business owners hire Synergy Consulting Group in general, and you in particular!"
"Mark has a distinctive, inventive, resourceful and imaginative approach to the successful accomplishment of every objective -- on schedule, within budget."
"Mark is one of the most results-oriented people I have ever worked with."


"I would've spent an additional $400,000 or more unless Synergy Consulting Group came into the picture."
"Value to me - Excellent; Value to my organization - Excellent; Overall rating - Excellent."
"You absolutely stand out in the "let's get this thing done" category."
"I felt the benefit to me exceeded the cost by a significant margin. Everything was first class."
"Your unique methods to product development ... will save us valuable time and money."
"The additional expertise you brought to us supported our goals and objectives very well."
Better control
"I am in control of projects and can measure the value of using specific techniques I learned."
"Mark Paul is a results-oriented executive, who has successfully solved root-causes for poor schedule and cost performance. I strongly recommend him to bring you better profit margin, schedule and project performance."
"... effective because they presented new ideas for making project management successful at our company."


"Mark is well respected within the Oregon Electronics industry and is very well connected to all facets of the industry."
"Mark has considerable problem-solving and analytical abilities, with a special skill in modeling complex problems."
"Mark Paul has been instrumental in helping us look towards the future in a more meaningful way."


"Your presentation was excellent. Several members commented that (this) will help immediately. Seldom have I received such unsolicited comments."
"Your facilitation skills are very evident...You have a good blend of humor, responsiveness and guidance to capture the interests of the audience."
"Your knowledge of business development is impressive."


"You do an excellent job of facilitating the learning process."

"Your new business development insight was extremely valuable." "Your insights are always so right on target!"

"You obviously have a great deal of experience in product development, methodologies, processes and organizational development."
"You are a trust-worthy person. I hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the future."


Survival Guide
"I think it's a great place to add energy to our curriculum."
Business acumen / ROI
"You have clearly proven that your experience and understanding of business has helped many companies improve productivity, and ROI."

Personal support
"As I look back to the people who have helped me most, you are on the top of that list. Thank you Mark."
"Your involvement helped me:
1) "Grow-up" to a much higher level of understanding about how one conducts when leading teams of people.
2) Learn the basics of management, and the tools available to help us improve.
3) Look at myself to see where I needed to step up my game and become a better person and leader."

Business Plan
"You did a fantastic job! In extremely short order, you were able to immerse yourself into our unique and complex business, and put together a business plan that will be essential in helping us raise our next round!"
Executive Summary
"The executive summary you put together was great! It communicates far better than what we had. You were very responsive in meeting our needs in very short order!"
Idea to market advice
"We greatly appreciate your involvement in the Lab2Market short course! Your input on the volunteered pitches was invaluable, and we received very positive feedback from the participants. The strength in Lab2Market rests with leaders like you who want to assist up-and-coming commercializers. Many thanks!"
Practical Advice
"You were able to provide real, practical advice for businesses. You helped attendees realize the need of re-evaluating their marketing concepts and ideas and the implementation of strategies to increase their customer base."
Attracting more customers
"Your article on How to Attract more Customers is really making me rethink my approach."
Business Value
""A straightforward 15 minute chat with Mark about our start up approach made the difference between months of floundering, looking for direction, and being pointed in the right direction from day one. It may have only been 15 minutes but it was probably the most important 15 minutes of the whole project!""
Building marketing awareness
"It’s like I’ve been driving my marketing with my eyes closed and in the dark. Now I’ve got both my eyes open and there is light ahead on the road. Thank you so much."
How to find more customers
"...there are some folks out in the business world that are eager to know what really makes their customers tick. You are certainly the guy to fill in the blanks for them!"
Valuable advice
"I wanted to let you know that even in the small amount of time we have file spent together, your advice is already improving my business."
Real-life experience
"Very valuable information derived from experience, and ... cannot be found in textbooks."
Improving business
"In the past day, I have already gathered information on 30% more potential customers. This is a significant improvement already. I’m absolutely confident you will help me achieve great results."
Product Development Excellence!
(Acceptance speech: Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference: Software Excellence Award)
"I want to recognize the founding father of modern process at Chrome Data Corporation. I want to thank Mark Paul of Synergy Consulting Group, who was responsible for helping Chrome Data adopt the concept of process, put it in place, and reap its benefits."
Essential questions
"I want to thank you for the entrepreneurial advice you gave me – absolutely invaluable. You zeroed in on the essential questions and led me to reconceptualize the whole venture."
Avoid mistakes
"Thanks for taking the time to see me yesterday and for the guidance. I learnt a lot and you also helped me to avoid a few mistakes I was on my way to making."
Immediate value
"My idea is outside the box – but you grasped the idea right away and helped me clarify the problems I will be facing."
... let you know how much I learned. I walked away with valuable information that will definitely get used.
Very compelling!
"As I've mentioned before, what you do is very compelling. I personally admire you due to your intelligence, morals, entrepreneurship, sensitivity, and sense of humor
Gain best ROI
"Mark’s strategic approach to marketing quickly shows where executives should focus their efforts to gain their best ROI and save money in the process."
Strategic Value
"You have been a tremendous value to me and the strategic direction of Rapid Transform. It would be a great pleasure to continue working with you in the future."
$500,000 in one meeting!
"His idea, developed in just one meeting, provides upwards of $500,000 of value."
Sage Wisdom
"I really appreciate your sage wisdom."
Set our feet on the right path!
"I knew I needed Mark's help because I was helping raise Angel funding for a startup. We had a product but few clients and were running low on money.

In just an hour Mark was able to find the weaknesses in our pitch, show us how to fix them, and set our feet on the right path with increased confidence and a much stronger business plan.


Sense of Business Issues
"Our mutual acquaintance is an excellent businessperson and he seldom recommends someone with such enthusiasm and now I know why. Your sense of business issues, roadblocks, and solutions came through in our meeting.
"I'm confident Mark's help has put us much, much closer to being funded. His experience and breadth of knowledge are extraordinary."
Great listener/Actionable advice
"I really appreciate all the clarity and understanding you bring to the table. One of your strongest skills is being a great listener, and then being able to translate the conversation into meaningful activities and actions. I definitely value your assistance and your friendship.
Best session!
"It was the best session I attended all day. As a "serial entrepreneur" myself, I was happy to see the concise and helpful manner in which you presented the material. I'm ordering your book and looking forward to a great read."
Invaluable Feedback
This is amazing! The feedback is invaluable, especially from Mark. He really did dissect the options and gave a very thorough pros and cons."
Support & friendship
"Thank you for your time, support and friendship - I really appreciated you helping me develop a new marketing plan for me!"
Talent, Wisdom, Enthuiasm, Heart
"This is a talented guy. He’s a business guide who can help clear your way to success. Mark has the wisdom of a sage, the enthusiasm of a kid and the heart of a drill sergeant.
Quickly identify opportunities
"Mark’s vast business experience allows him to quickly identify opportunities, customize strategies and provide insightful direction at all levels of business."
Proven & effective guidance
"Mark brings proven and effective guidance to companies looking to build value and profits. His track record for success in this regard consistently brings increases that are measurable by multiples, rather than percentages. I have referred Mark to several business owners, and will continue to do so."
No-nonsense approach
"Mark's no-nonsense approach is invaluable. He is able to transform the murky grays of business in to actionable black and white."



For a CEO, Mark is ROI
"Get more customers. What business does not have this need? None who stay around for long. Mark Paul has demonstrated multiple times to myself and others he is the superior being to make this happen. Mark realizes the KIND of customer a business needs to attract, and how to attract more of them. Moreover, he works WITH the management team, helping them come up with the formula by themselves - with his guidance. Lessons like that are long-remembered. For a CEO, Mark is ROI.
High Integrity

"Mark works with high integrity!"


Thrive during this economic turmoil
"Mark delivered tough-truth coaching in a way that enabled me to confront my own blind spots and make change in time to thrive during this period of economic turmoil. He delivered practical business savvy hammered out on the anvil of experience. It ranged from 101 for dummies delivered in a respectful way to 901 for old-hands delivered in a mentor to mentor way.

"I never doubt that he puts my mission and deepest needs first . I feel more like me at my best after working with him."


Excellent service / Helping to guide a path for us
Thank you very much for your excellent service and helping to guide a path for us to make sure that... (we)... achieve what we have set out to do."
Very helpful
Thank you so much. This is really very helpful, and you are right, it is going to be imperative to get the message right."
Best consultant in Portland.
I've seen a lot of consultants, and you're the best one I've seen in Portland."
Act together
You really have your act together."
I really value your advice." - Bob Harrison
Major directional change
I can never thank you enough." - Michael Coates
More in one hour... than two days
"I just went to a two-day sales seminar in Seattle. I got more out of your one-hour talk than I did in two full days in that other seminar!" - Seminar attendee: Camas Chamber of Commerce; September 17, 2010.
Most cost-effective way to attract customers
"This is the most cost-effective way to attract the largest number of customers in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of investment that I have ever seen." - Michael Shenker, CEO, Human Performance Technologies
Add value from day one
"If you want a consultant who will quickly understand your company and add value from day one, then hire Mark Paul."
Most cost-effective way to attract customers
There’s an old adage: ‘We know that only 50% of marketing efforts work. We just don’t know which 50%.’ I would like to recommend a program that challenges that old chestnut. I highly recommend any CEO to consider Synergy Consulting’s Customer Attraction program.
"Sage advice, as always." .
All thumbs up / Fantastic
"Mark has been an invaluable advisor to our team. His book "How to attract significantly more customers" gave me the wake-up call we desperately needed. I find myself wishing that I hadn’t wasted so much time trying to figure out how to start and grow this business on my own. Mark has been very generous of his time.".
Message was powerful and succinct
"Just a note to congratulate you on a great job last night at PubTalk. Your message was powerful and succinct." - Seminar attendee: SW WA / OEN PubTalk; September 16, 2010.
All thumbs up / Fantastic
You were fantastic. I asked a handful of people if they found it valuable and the feedback was all thumbs up." "You were fabulous. We had great feedback from your presentation and really appreciated all the effort you put into putting some of your knowledge into a 15 minute talk. You greatly exceeded our expectations."- Seminar attendees: SW WA / OEN PubTalk; September 16, 2010.
Strategic value
"You played a significant role in helping change the business strategy."
"I learned more from you in a year than I have from most people in a lifetime."
Trust / Safe Place
"I want to thank you for being a person I can trust, and for being what I call a safe place."
"We are happy that someone with your experience is guiding us."
Excellent Presentation
"Your presentation was quite excellent - I appreciated how you quantified things and focused on measurable ROI for marketing activities."
Optimal approach
"After working on this startup, I truly appreciate the value of a person who understand the big picture and additionally is capable of completing what is a vague job in an optimal way."
SBDC "SBM3 Course"
"People loved the class you did last week on June 6. I have had many rave reviews. Thanks so much."
Marylhurst MBA support
You added tremendous value. They never got that type of treatment or environment in their lives and they loved it. Great job and I welcome the chance to ask you back and also have you as a speaker at one of the classes next semester if you are open to this idea. Thanks again for all you did last night and for investing your time and talents.
Quick progress
"That's more progress on our product strategy in one hour than we've made in the past month."

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