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Client acquired for nearly $17 million

Twenty-person, 25 year-old company.

Situation / problem: 
The company’s best "run-rate" was at $2.8 million/year. Their competitors were grossing between $30 million and $300 million, and were encroaching on their "sweet spot." They were having difficulty attracting customers, and needed an objective (outside) business perspective to help them get to their next level.

A high-level review of their current marketing operations, internal processes, financials, and organization shed light on areas needing serious improvement. Through our Insight Program, and Strategic Planning, we were able to quickly assess their specific areas of need, and plot a course for corrective actions. These actions included marketing and sales support (through our Strategic Marketing & Interim Executive efforts), and operational & project planning and budgeting. We determined the specific needs of their customers and developed a program to dramatically increase their customer base.

Value: Our focus on the fundamental buying motivation of your customers - gaining you real insights that you can put to good use - will help you increase your ROI.