How to Attract Significantly More Customers

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How to Attract Significantly More Customers...
In good times and bad.

Read and implemented by thousands of CEOs
and business leaders to attract more customers:

     "Could be worth millions to your business."

     "It is for those CEOs who really want to get to the next level
    and it requires opened to challenge the status quo."

     "Helped us achieve growth at 40% rate+ and increased profitability 70%."

     "Provided upwards of $500,000 of value."

     "Visibly and dramatically improved the condition of the organization."

     "Any CEO can gather valuable insights from this book."

   "You do not talk about the 'same old' marketing and sales tactics.
    Rather, how to cost-effectively attract the best customers,
    yielding the highest return on investment."

   "Quickly gets to the core reasons why your company is not firing
    on all cylinders."

      "Added significant value to the strategic direction of my company."


Forward and Pricing

Forward to the book

"A picture may be worth a thousand words, but implementing the concepts in this book could be worth millions to your business. Whether you're implementing a new strategy or re-tuning an old one, you want measurable results.

Mark personally worked with us to implement these concepts in our company, significantly increasing revenue, upping the valuation by millions, and ultimately helping us achieve our business objectives.

Don't just read this book. Implement the concepts, measure the results, and enjoy the ride!"

Don Dunstan, CEO
US Software
Sold to Lantronix

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50+ $17.50 $1.95 $19.45


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