Services to Help Your Company Grow

Are you looking to boost your bank balance? Improve your bottom line? Have more resources to implement your decisions?

Financial Planning Service

Our Financial Operations services can help you uncover and free-up cash, and develop a means to continuously improve your cash position -- now, and in the the future!

Synergy Consulting provides financial guidance and develops Business Financials Plans in sufficient detail to represent your plan to potential investors with realistic assumptions. These typically include:

  • Income Statement,
  • Balance Sheet, and
  • Statement of Cash Flows

We work with your assumptions of estimates for market size, sales units, staffing levels, cost of goods sold, and costs to market and sell, etc. Then we prepare projections encompassing monthly details for the first two years and annual detail for the next three years. We will then work with you to modify and mold the assumptions and financials into a believable story for the company and for potential investors. The financial assumptions and business plan will be in synch. Our successful systems and experience have helped many companies with successfully raised money.

Value:  The statements we develop help companies raise money and/or manage their cash & profitability much better. We ask the financial operations questions typically missed by entrepreneurs.