Services to Help Your Company Grow

During difficult times, it is even more important to make strategic decisions. Consider an executive coach to help you or one of your team members.

Executive Advising Service

We understand it can be lonely at the top. We have seasoned executives who can help you deal with difficult challenges and reach your objectives faster, in a more cost effective manner.

The reasons business owners & CEOs come to us:

    - Need to attract more customers - cost-effectively
    - Insufficient resources to do everything you would like
    - Difficulty getting new products & services to market in a timely manner
    - Reducing revenue / profitability
    - Difficulty getting "traction"
    - Start-up execs, seeking to kick-start company
    - Strategic vision &/or direction not clear
    - Organizational structure needs adjustment
    - Challenge in focusing employees on what is important to the company
    - Management needs additional support

Our approach: We are tuned into the executive who requires assistance. We provide an objective "sounding board" and can effectively improve your personal and organizational performance by: assessing the situation, providing valuable advice and counsel and, if needed, help you implement specific recommendations. This approach enables your organization to out perform itself.

The Synergy difference: With experienced, hands-on, successful senior executives as advisors, the we can rapidly diagnose and address your challenges. We have helped companies grow in good times and in bad..

Value:  This ability to quickly cut-to-the-chase, can save you significant time and money and put you back on track in the least amount of time.