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Process Development & Improvement Service

Do your Departments & Divisions work at cross-purposes? Do your managers complain about being in "silos"? Are you having trouble "managing the white-spaces" in your organization?

Synergy's Process Development & Improvement Service can help you rapidly assess your organization's "process maturity" and then (if needed), Syneryg can lead or support the development of cross-functional processes that will increase organizational communication and company performance.

By implementing Synergy's innovative process-mapping techniques, your organization will benefit:

[1] Management team can find areas of waste and inefficiencies.

[2] Morale can improve due to increased organizational communication without the need for more meetings.

[3] Accountability will increase, and

[4] Decisions can be pushed to lower levels of the organization, so that upper management can up-level its strategic leadership.


Value:  Once you have developed / improved your processes, systems will be in place to enable organizational performance to improve. Efficiencies & effectiveness will help your organization reap savings across the board.