Credentials you can trust - and verify!

Improved cash 10x, products 8x, revenue 67%, and positioned the company to raise $23 million

Forty-three person, ten-year-old company.

Situation / problem: 
Small software company had developed and been selling one DOS product for 10 years. Never grossed more than $3 million in a year. Having difficulty bringing even one of its 38 projects to completion. Goal: To help them manage a 2 year-old, "3 month development project".

Through interim executive efforts, Mark Paul transformed this small software company to become an industry leader in B2B configuration solutions. Assessed the company’s strengths & weaknesses; provided specific actions to take - to improve their performance; implemented the recommendations; trained the management team on project management; re-organized the company to improve accountability and responsibility, especially in new customer-attraction; led strategic planning and implementation of the strategic plan; instilled process and continuous improvement as disciplines; and integrated professional management & leadership techniques into the management team.

Value: Real challenges being cost-effectively overcome - for twenty years.