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Spaeking Engagement Rates

If you are looking to bring signicant value to your business-owner audience, then consider Mark Paul's fee as an investment in helping your members outperform themselves.

Each engagment is designed to provide the highest return on investment. Read what others say about Mark's presentations / keynote addresses (click on quotes in the sidebar).


Time (minutes)

Type of engagement


Paid in advance

45 - 60

Keynote address



60 - 120

How to Attract Significantly More Customers...
in good times & bad




How to Validate Your Market

$1,500 $1,250
45 - 60

How to Value-price Your Products & Services...
Stop leaving money on the table.



* Due upon completion of the engagement.

Note: Fees are for speaking engagement only. All travel costs are additional.

Value:  Your audience will gain insights - how to build their companies' value.


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