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A sampling of what clients have said about Synergy Consulting's managing partner

"I have had the pleasure to know and work with Mark for over 6 years. I have seen him supercharge companies sales results. In one case, his sales effort resulted in a company's owner being able to sell his business at a 10x greater value than he had expected to sell it for. Mark's marketing efforts are second to none."
Patrick Wheeler, Management Contract Services

"Thank you so much. This is really very helpful, and you are right, it is going to be imperative to get the message right. Thank you very much for your excellent service and helping to guide a path for us to make sure that we achieve what we have set out to do."
Andrea Durbin, Executive Director: Oregon Environmental Council

"We were looking for innovative ways to bring new customers in the door. I heard Mark Paul speak at a private gathering of business owners and what he shared made a lot of sense to me. We decided to 'take a risk' and hire Synergy. Now I am glad I did! Not only have we learned valuable insights about our clients, we have attracted more business already and we have barely started implementing Mark's recommendations! We expect our business to continue growing rapidly. I have had a very positive experience working with Mark from Synergy. His professionalism is refreshing and his ideas are always backed-up by strong data. I felt that Mark always had my company’s best interest at heart and his presentations were very thorough. I would recommend Synergy to any small business that is looking for a way to increase their revenue!"
Dr. Judy Chan, Owner: PEC, LLC

"Mark has helped us better understand the strategic nature of marketing - to get at the nuances of our customers' needs, so we can reach them most effectively. He is also a tremendous wealth of knowledge, offering insights when we need it. Mark has been a serious help to us in the start-up phases of our business, and we look forward to working with him as our business grows."
Cynthia Payne, Co-owner: Something Sweeeet, LLC

"We both feel very indebted to you, and grateful for the great amount of time you have given in support of our venture."
Pamela Mann, Co-owner: Something Sweeeet, LLC

"Synergy Consulting Group's Insight Program helped us assess our blind spots as an organization. This process is not for the faint-hearted. It is for those CEO's who really want to get to the next level - and it requires openness to challenge the status quo.  Synergy has made a difference - helping us achieve growth at a 40%+ rate and increasing profitability by 75%."
John Boone, CEO: Employment Trends

"I should've hired Synergy Consulting two years ago!"
Joe Taylor, CEO: MAS, Inc.

"Mark, thank you for setting a precedence for all consultants. I've had over 200 responses from Guru, from MBA's and dual-degreed guys to greenhorns... and after spending time filtering them, I began to realize how much they talk, and how little they perform. You absolutely stand out in the "let's get this thing done" category. And I wanted to let you know that's a strong influence on how we operate here."
Mark Effinger, CEO: ExitPath Corporation

"Mark's management style goes far beyond a traditional approach. He is well organized and has the ability to make hard decisions in a manner that encourages those charged with execution to do so to the best of their ability. He has a distinctive flair for his inventive, resourceful and imaginative approach to the successful accomplishment of every objective -- on schedule, within budget."
Larry A. Hughes, Director of Contracts: Cartwright Electronics

"I would've spent an additional $400,000 or more unless Synergy Consulting Group came into the picture. They guided me into a more focused area. Their Insight Program provided information I would've never obtained through conventional means."
Brian Caldwell, CEO: Imagina Software

"Your insights are always so right on target."
Mike Wright, CEO: Stratyx Biotechnology

"The seminar is very pertinent to problems faced by our organization. Speaker's presentation: Excellent; Value to me - Excellent; Value to my organization - Excellent; Overall rating - Excellent."
Michael E. Fossey, Vice President, Engineering: Electro Scientific Industries

"Mark is one of the most results-oriented people I have ever worked with. His ability to approach a problem, analyze it, develop a corrective action plan and have it implemented is unsurpassed. Mark's commitment to excellence will guarantee continued success."
Michael C. Peron, Director of Programs: Northrop Grumman

"I would like to thank you for the high quality seminar you conducted. I personally found it very valuable. I felt the benefit to me exceeded the cost by a significant margin. Everything was first class."
Mike Scuka, Program Manager: OECO Corporation

"Your unique methods to product development have paid early dividends to senior management. These have included more and better information on time-to-market and costs as well as risk assessments. The information will save us valuable time and money and support the development of more reliable products."
Chris Nawrocki, Vice President Operations: Electro Scientific Industries

"We now have a better appreciation for how a project should be run and an ability to recognize potential problems. The additional expertise you brought to us supported our goals and objectives very well."
Dale Petersen, Vice President: Alpine Datasystems

"Anyone in this company who contributes to a project will benefit by a good product development seminar. The internal team-work by focusing on common goals and objectives in a common efficient method is very powerful and effective.

Comparing two seminars, Ron Lafleur's project management seminar by Cadence Management Corp. and the Phoenix Management, Inc. product development seminar, I learned and use more tools from the Mark Paul seminar by Phoenix Management, Inc.

The class was informative, the documentation is well written, and the follow up was unexpected. Mark Paul came out to visit the customer satisfaction department to see how I was applying what I learned and to assist in techniques unique to the type of projects I am assigned.

I am in control of projects I am assigned and I can measure the value of using specific techniques learned. I give it two thumbs up."
Greg Warnke, Customer Satisfaction: In-Focus

"Mark Paul is a results-oriented executive, who has successfully solved root-causes for poor schedule and cost performance. I strongly recommend him to bring you better profit margin, schedule and project performance."
Doug Harley, Project Engineer: Independent Consultant

"Phoenix Management was effective because they presented new ideas for making project management successful at our company."
Jim Jensen, ex-Director of Manufacturing
, nCube

"As this year's Chairman of the Oregon Council of the American Electronics Association, I had the opportunity to work with Mark Paul on the 'Partnership for Competitiveness' program. Mark played a key role in assessing the needs of Oregon's Electronics industry. Mark is well respected within the Oregon Electronics industry and is very well connected to all facets of the industry."
James Hurd, ex-President/CEO, Planar

"Mark has excellent communication skills which he demonstrated in working with a variety of company and industry leaders. He has considerable problem-solving and analytical abilities, with a special skill in modeling complex problems."
Ian Smethurst, Total Quality Leader - Precision Interconnect

"Mark Paul has been instrumental in helping us look towards the future in a more meaningful way."
Dr. Wes Jarrell, Department Head, Oregon Graduate Institute

"Your presentation: "New Problem Solving Tools for Enhancing Quality, Productivity & Competitiveness" was excellent, thought-provoking and timely. Several members commented afterwards that the techniques they learned will help immediately on their projects. Seldom have I received such unsolicited comments."
Don Adamski, President, Portland Chapter - Project Management Institute

"Your facilitation skills are very evident in the meetings I have attended. You have a good blend of humor, responsiveness and subtle guidance to capture the interests of the audience and to focus the discussion of the topics."
Ken Maddox, ex- Executive Director - Software Association of Oregon

"Your presentation on business development was informative and a strategic addition to the tool kit for effectively implementing product positioning within a competitive marketplace. Your knowledge of business development is impressive."
Kyle Ritchey-Noll, ex- Executive Director - American Electronics Association

"You do an excellent job of facilitating the learning process."
Bert Desmond, President. Currently Department Chair - Marylhurst MBA Program

"Your new business development insight was extremely valuable to the audience and will surely be of benefit to them next time they develop strategies for their products."
Tregg Farmer, ex- V.P. Oregon Chapter - American Marketing Association

"Your insights and ideas on the topic from an engineering perspective are sure to help us in planning projects and schedules more efficiently and realistically. You obviously have a great deal of experience in product development, methodologies, processes and organizational development. The discussion was both enlightening and entertaining. Your talk really hit the mark, in terms of our needs."
Karen Ronning
, President, Willamette Valley Chapter - Society for Technical Communications

"You are a trust-worthy person. I hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the future. Your expertise in technology project management is impressive."
Horace Tso, Founder & President, Tea House Research

"I want to let you know how much I appreciate your help over the past couple months. You have already added significant value to my company and to me!

At first, I was not sure how you could help me. Especially since you have had no experience in my industry whatsoever! But with a recommendation from one of your prior customers that I also know, I "took a chance" and hired you to help me quickly increase the number of customers, revenue, and improve our cash-flow.

I am glad I did! We usually have seasonally in our orders, but very shortly after engaging you, we have seen a serious increase in our December orders: typically a slow month! And with the marketing and sales focus we now have, we expect continuously increasing sales; above all prior forecasts.

Mark, I appreciate how quickly you came up to speed, focused on our needs, and added value right away! Especially in light of your flexibility in the payment plan we developed, and you taking a risk on your own recommendations by taking a part of your fee from additional revenue. As you know, I have been relying on you for more than what we originally contracted. Not only are you fitting this into your schedule, you obviously are interested in my success.

Although we have not yet finished implementing your recommendations, and still have much to do, I have no hesitation recommending that other business owners hire Synergy Consulting Group in general, and you in particular!

Thank you again, and I look forward to our continued success!"
Owner prefers anonymity

Value:  If you are looking for a trusted advisor, Synergy Consulting Group.