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Patrick Wheeler

Financial Operations & Management

Experience to help your company grow

Patrick M. Wheeler brings more than 20 years of banking and financial services experience to his clients. He has worked with a wide range of established and emerging companies to develop and implement sound financial and personnel practices.

During his working career, Patrick started as a lending officer in Los Angeles. He extended loans to small, medium and large corporations in almost every industry. Eventually he moved to Portland where he went to work for a regional bank as a Regional Manager overseeing several lending and operational units. He left banking and entered the financial services industry where he spent 4 years selling investments and employee health and pension plans to small and medium corporations.

Patrick then decided to follow his dreams and start an international trading company exporting products to Japan. The company folded with the collapse of the Japanese economy in the early 1990s. He returned to banking and headed up a team, which started a small-business lending unit in the Pacific Northwest. As team leader, Patrick increased the unit's productivity by 67%. The bank was eventually taken over and his division was eliminated. At that point in time, he made the decision to begin a new career as a consultant CFO and formed Management Contract Services.

Current clients include: a software company, an internet service provider, a switch distributor, a light manufacturer, an engineering company and a factoring company.

Patrick held executive roles (General Manager) at Lamb Industries and (CEO) at Digital Connex, LLC. He holds an MBA in Corporate Finance / Banking and is the principal of Management Contract Services.

Some of Patrick's accomplishments include:

    - Working with a distributor whose principal client was a Texas company that accounted for 40% of the distributors business. The Texas company went bankrupt forcing the distributor to take a $50K loss and ending up with a $25K net worth. The bank cancelled the company's line of credit. Patrick was brought in and showed the company how to cut 70% of it's operating expenses. He then found a non-bank lender that provided funding while the company restructured, found new product lines and built a new customer base. Today, the company has grown into a successful and profitable multi million-dollar company, with many of its customers in the Fortune 500.

    - Working with a company with cash flow problems, Patrick turned their cash flow positive in 34 days. This was the first time in two years the company had a positive cash flow.

    - Another company had cash flow and profitability problems. Patrick worked with them and showed them how to obtain immediate gains in profitability by 38 percent. He then developed a successful strategy, which improved their cash flow.

    - Currently Patrick is working with a technology company as its CFO. He is assisting in developing the business plan in addition to finding venture capital. The company now has established operating policies and procedures because of his work. Patrick also provides strategic research for the company and has created an employee policy manual that will create the corporate culture for the future.

    - For another client, Patrick developed a system to identify what customers use which of the company's 57 products as well as a product profitability model.


In addition to Patrick's financial services, he consults with companies on crisis management, operational management and personnel management.


Value:  An experienced executive who can help you immediately and to help you achieve your long term objectives.