We are willing to take a risk with you

Pay for Performance

You don't like risk? We don't blame you! We are entrepreneurs, ourselves. Under specific circumstances, we will accept a portion of our fee - based on your performance.

In this economy, you want assurances Synergy will add serious value!

We will accept a portion of our fee in the form of performance-based compensation, but we have some requirements:

    - You must be seeking significant gains, not just a few %.

    - The metric for payment must tie with our services.

    - Since we are taking a risk, there is a "risk multiplier".

    - Your company should already have some revenue.

    - You must implement our recommendations, or fees "fall back" into a prescribed payment plan.

We are interested in your long-term success. Let's talk about your specific situation and see where we go from there.

Value:  We will take a risk with you.