Get your "Synergy Customer-attraction Quotient(tm)" Assessment/Report today!

Need to find & attract more customers - build more business?

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Take the Survey. Based on your answers, we will create a unique, customized assessment of your organization, including: 

   > A report of your customer-attraction capabilities.
   > Descriptive sections:
      > A comparison* of your answers relative to best-in-class companies.
      > A comparison* of your answers relative to all respondents.
      > A 'dashboard'*, providing red/yellow/green status of a dozen areas.
      > Your "Customer-attraction Quotient" (CQ).

   > Prescriptive sections:
      > Practical, actionable recommendations you can take to attract more customers
      > A high-level game-plan to help you implement our recommendations.
      > Additional insights to help you become more successful.

   > Predictive section:
      > For companies with more than 100 employees, your report will contain a write-up
         of what your CQ would be if you up-leveled "red" areas in your dashboard to green.

Our report will be sent to you via email within two business days.
(Please note that this survey is for CEOs, business owners, GMs - or those who have full P&L responsibility.)

        * Examples of the descriptive graphics can be found here:
            >  Comparison Graphic
            >  Dashboard Graphic

        Each of these graphics are explained in detail within the Customer-attraction Report.


# of employees


Your payment starts the process: [1] You will be sent the survey URL. [2] Upon your completion of the survey, the analysis of your Customer-attraction Assessment will begin. [3] Your Customer-attraction Report (PDF format) will then be emailed to you or Synergy's 'Partner' with whom you are working.


Be confident in your decision: In addition to those who endorse the Customer-attraction assessment (to the right of this page), please check out testimonials from satisfied clients.


The small print: [1] Rest assured, your answers / contact information will be held in strictest confidence. We will neither sell nor give away your information to anyone. However, aggregated information (sanitized / anonymous) will be used to develop a "baseline" for comparison purposes.  [2] If you are interested in having an in-company session to assess your entire organization, please contact Synergy Consulting.



Value: By taking this customer-attraction survey, you are well on your way... to know where you stand and learn what to do - to attract more customers.