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images/new1.gif (111 bytes) University of Oregon's Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship uses The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide as text for their New Venture Planning (Graduate Course - 625) as part of their Technology Entrepreneurship Program.

images/new1.gif (111 bytes) Synergy's Managing Partner publishes 3rd book:
The 21st Century Energy Initiative.

images/new1.gif (111 bytes) OTBC uses The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide as text for their Fast Trac entrepreneur's series.

images/new1.gif (111 bytes) Synergy's Managing Partner publishes 2nd book:
"How to Attract Significantly More Customers... in good times & bad".

Presentations on How to Value-price Your Products & Services: Well-received - at OEN & OTBC.

Two of three companies selected to present at OEN's SEED Oregon helped by Synergy (GreenLiteMotors & Zubeo).

OTBC selects Synergy partner as "Entrepreneur-in-Residence".

Early Synergy client (Q-Sent) acquired!

OregonStartup.com provides The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide to its members.

Synergy partner's presentation "Seven Secrets: How to Attract More Customers" at the Small Business Development Center a hit!

Synergy signs new client: ieSolutions, Inc.

Synergy partner speaks at Innotech Oregon: "What to do before you quit your day job!" April 19, 2006.

The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide: You can now obtain much of the content for free! (Press release.)

Synergy signs new client: Northwest Business Support Services.

New client: News Technologies, LLC.

New client: Scappoose Executive Hangars.

New client: Compiere, Inc.

New client: Safeguard Ventures.

New client: A Cut Above Pawn.

Synergy's "mini-seminar" - "Seven Secrets: How to Attract More Customers" is a hit at the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce.

Client nets new customers!

Synergy's Managing Partner named "Renaissance man" in Oregon Business magazine article by Jack Rubinger.

OSU's Food Innovation Center to offer "Food Business 101," using The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide as their text!

Clients attract new customers!

Synergy's presentation - "Seven Secrets: How to Attract More Customers" is well received at the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce.

Oregon State University selects The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide as text for their "Entrepreneurial Skills" module. 

Corvallis SAO invites Synergy Partner to speak on entrepreneurship. 

USA Today references Synergy's marketing expertise. 

MSN / Newsweek refers to Synergy's interim executive efforts. 

Congressional candidate Jim Zupancic recognizes Synergy partner's job creation idea

SoftwareCEO.com selects Synergy Partner to moderate their "Strategy & Leadership" discussion forum. 

AMA hosts "Generate Demand While Building Your Brand." 

OHSU/OGI selects Synergy partner as keynote speaker for their just-launched "Center for Technology Entrepreneurship." 

The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide now available one chapter at a time! (PayPalaccepted for payment.)  

Synergy partner publishes second edition to The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide  

Synergy partner supports start-up.

The "Buck-a-Book Challenge" established to help the economy and public schools! 

"Very good" condition 1st edition book, "Entrepreneur's Survival Guide" selling for nearly $200!

Decisioneering, Inc. promotes The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide, to reduce entrepreneurial risk. 

EasyStreet's "IdeaExchange" offers Synergy partner's advice on how to integrate web strategies - to boost your revenue and profitability.

Synergy offers new products to help clients improve their performance. 

Synergy partner publishes idea to help the economy! 

Synergy helps hydrogen production / renewable energy company HydroEnvironmental Resources, Inc.  

OEF "University of the Entrepreneur" selects Synergy Partner as subject expert.

CEO Refresher cites interactive nature of new book. 

Partner completes GM role @ Lamb Industries.    

Synergy partner on the radio.    

Survival Guide becomes interactive.

MIT Enterprise Forum's Venture Lab integrates Survival Guide into their process to help entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur's Survival Guide published

Comments from attendees of Biz Plan Primer seminar:
How to Write a Business Plan to Raise Money

What does the future hold? Read the Times

Results of the trade mission to UK. (12/99)

Mark Paul joined Governor Kitzhaber to UK (11/99) 

Synergy: One year old + 14 companies to next level. (9/99)

Valley Times: How Synergy fixes businesses.

Daily Journal of Commerce: How Synergy helps companies get to the next level.

The Business Journal: How Synergy helps its clients.

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