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Synergy Consulting is a healthy one-year old:

Synergy Consulting Group - One Year + 14 New Companies at the Next Level

Beaverton, OR - Taking companies to the next level is the mission of the Synergy Consulting Group, a Beaverton-based group who are celebrating their one-year anniversary this month. Like most one-year-old companies, they’re excited about their growth and continue to see opportunities in the business world to help companies outperform themselves. New clients include Lifegoals.com, Champion Distributors, Employment Trends, CTR, Infinity Towers/dba/Medlink, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, and several other companies

"Our accounting practices were anything but efficient, " explained Peggy Seratt from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. "It was time-consuming to get accurate information until Patrick Wheeler from the Synergy Consulting Group stepped in. He streamlined our processes, assumed a hands-on role with key employees and kept me up to speed throughout the transition. Now, the Executive Director is confident and project managers are spending more time on managing the market transformation programs that promote energy conservation practices throughout the Northwest."

So, what has one year taught Synergy’s principals and associates Mark Paul and Patrick Wheeler?

"We’re still focusing on funded start-ups through companies with $50 million in annual revenue. What’s changed is the breadth and depth of the companies we’re assisting and the scale and variety of client challenges we’re addressing. " explained Mark Paul, Synergy Consulting Group partner. "Our combined expertise in several functional areas is a powerful combination for companies who need to step it up to the next level - whether their mission is to grow or evolve into something completely different - like the companies who are morphing into "dot-com organizations."

"We’re not sure if we can help all the companies we encounter," explained Patrick Wheeler. "In fact, we’ve turned down more companies than we’ve accepted. It’s always a process of discovery for us. In any event, our clients don’t have to foot the bill during the discovery process because we don’t start charging until we’re sure we can provide very high value."

"Beginning a series of strategic planning meetings was the first step in the Synergy Consulting Group's path toward taking Employment Trends staffing services to the next level in our evolution," explained John Boone, Employment Trends CEO. "They understood the big picture and brought us to the realization that we needed critical infrastructure improvements including improving our accounting systems and adding key individuals to our management team. With Synergy's help, Employment Trends is breaking through to a new level of growth and capabilities."

Employment Trends was recently selected by Inc. magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States..


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