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The Entrepreneur's
Survival Guide

Second edition:

This book can save you significant time and money - Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or CEO of a medium-sized company trying to take your company to its next level.
The second printing contains many updated chapters and two new chapters!

What others have said:
"Ignore it at your peril!"  "This is a ‘must read.’ "
"‘A quick and easy read, which will
save entrepreneurs precious time."
"Provides an excellent roadmap and
is a ‘must read’ for all entrepreneurs."
"A wonderful guide to starting
and building your company."
"What you say rings true."
"Great book! I read your book and was quite impressed. I can understand now why everyone wanted me to read it." "A clear guide for the processes and hurdles we will encounter in the future."
"I enjoyed it very much and
have taken it to heart."
"Your message is… oh so true, and I intend to apply it all."  
"I just got your book. You discuss all the important topics." "Your clients are lucky."
"Hard-hitting and sage advice throughout!" "I liked the 'self-assessment' tone.
Every entrepreneur should look at himself/herself in the mirror
"Provides a solid foundation as to why you're qualified to "assist" the
entrepreneur with the Survival Guide."
"Eighteen excellent points. I really liked the Business Assumptions Sidebar"
(How To Bankrupt Your Company
Without Really Trying)
"Your words must hit home
with virtually all of your readers.
"Quite an eye opener!"  
(Building Your Game Plan)  
"I like how you work through the example."
(Creating Your Stock Structure)
"It really forces them to think things through!" "Your material is helping me stay
focused on the top priority issues."
"I've been using it to help guide me through the start-up process - it's been very useful and a great asset." "I always get something out of it, because the principles are timeless."

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Table of Contents:

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What Makes a Great Leader
Are Your Ready for Your Next Level?
What are the Core Values of Leading CEOs?
Simple Secret to Success
Change Leadership
Inspiring Followership

How to Bankrupt Your Company Without Really Trying
Develop Your Strategic Plan in Two Days

Building Your Company

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How to Build Your Plan

How to Build Your Team 

Building Your Story
Creating Your Stock Structure 
Improving Your Credibility
The Realities of Raising Money

Raising Money in a Tight Market

Improving Marketing and Sales Performance

The Real Value of Market Research
How to Maximize Revenue

How to Maximize Marketing ROI
Strategic Selling Skills for the Technology Entrepreneur

How to Attract Significantly More Customers
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Improving Operational Performance images/new1.gif (111 bytes)

Organizing for the Customer
Achieving Peak Company Performance
How to Hire the Best
How to Predict the Future
How to Manage Projects
Solutions for the New Millenium
Reasons Why Some Organizations Perform Poorly

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Affinity Diagramming Defined
Venture Teams Defined

Program Management Glossary
The "Physics" of Marketing
Must-ask Questions: before you start!

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