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Entrepreneur's Survival Guide
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What others say about this survival guide:

"I have witnessed first-hand Mark Paul's unique ability to turnaround a non-performing company using the management expertise contained in ‘The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide.’ This book will set you firmly on the path to corporate excellence.... ignore it at your peril!"
Ross Macdonald – is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, automotive e-Commerce consultant, and former CEO of DSI, Inc.

"This is a ‘must read’ for those considering entrepreneurial pursuits."
ric Pozzo – is on the Board of Directors for ABC Technologies, a serial entrepreneur, and VP of Operations at First Silicon Solutions, Inc.

"’The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide’ is aptly named. It's a wonderful guide to starting and building your company. It asks you all of the right questions, and should make you think hard about the answers."
Linda Weston – is Executive Director of the Oregon Entrepreneur’s Forum

"Raising money for a start-up venture is perhaps the greatest challenge that an entrepreneur will undertake. An entrepreneur has only one chance to make a great first impression with a prospective investor. ‘The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide’ provides an excellent roadmap and is a ‘must read’ for all entrepreneurs who need to make sure that the first impression is a great one."
Robert Sternberg – is a former CEO/President of several companies, and currently a business advisor/investor

"Achieving entrepreneurial success is an awesome challenge – somewhat akin to climbing Mt. Everest. This book can serve as your wise and trusted "Sherpa" on this formidable journey. If you want to start, grow, and manage a new business, this book is a ‘must read.’ I heartily recommend this book for those contemplating starting a new company or business. Reading and referring to this book will give you a head start on the road to success."
Debi Coleman – Executive Director: Managing Partner: SmartForest Ventures

"Hard-hitting and sage advice throughout! Great model! I really want this in the hands of my students! I need 30 copies."
Dr. Aaron Johnson -  Professor, Oregon Sate University, Food Innovation Center


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