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Three valuable products to help you attract more customers & build cash!

By purchasing either the book and/or audio CDs, you can gain insights on how to attract many more highly-profitable customers, shorten your sales cycle, build your cash position, and take your company to its next level!

Seven Secrets: How to Attract More Customers  images/new1.gif (111 bytes)  
Are you looking for cost-effective ways to quickly attract more "A"-level customers? Learn how you can turbo-charge your marketing and sales efforts, without paying a fortune! Ordering information can be found here.

Entrepreneur's Survival Guide (2nd edition)    
Based on the successful first edition, this book can save you significant time and money in starting and building your company! Executive summaries and ordering information can be found here.

How Entrepreneurs can Survive & Thrive in Challenging Times! This live audio CD captures Mark Paul's kick-off presentation for Oregon Graduate Institute's Center for Technology Entrepreneurship, and includes examples and encouragement for entrepreneurs.Contents and ordering information can be found here.

Funding / growth Spreadsheet / Template
Entrepreneurs ask me all the time: "How much of the company should I 'sell,' for how much money?" And: "How can I maintain my equity as more investors capitalize the company?" This spreadsheet template answers those questions, and more. It is highlighted in the Entrepreneur's Survival Guide, but the actual template provides you an interactive way to "plug & chug" your own numbers! That way, you can integrate your management organization (and the options you'll need to share), and have it tie directly into the main spreadsheet!


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