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This book helps you rapidly build your company by avoiding costly mistakes

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This book can save you significant time and money - Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or CEO of a medium-sized company trying to take your company to its next level.

From the Forward:

"Achieving entrepreneurial success is an awesome challenge is೯mewhat akin to climbing Mt. Everest. This book can serve as your wise and trusted 'Sherpa' on this formidable journey. The Guide distills an enormous amount of information, wit, and wisdom into a highly readable digest for the entrepreneur."

What others say about this book:

"Ignore it at your peril!"

"This is a must read."

"A quick and easy read, which will save entrepreneurs precious time."

"Provides an excellent roadmap and is a must read for all entrepreneurs."

"A wonderful guide to starting and building your company."

"Great book! I can understand now why everyone wanted me to read it."

"A clear guide for the processes and hurdles we will encounter in the future."

"I enjoyed it very much and have taken it to heart."

"Your message isŠoh so true, and I intend to apply it all."

"Hard-hitting and sage advice throughout!"

"I liked the 'self-assessment' tone."

"Quite an eye opener!"


"Your material is helping me stay focused on the top priority issues."

"I've been using it to help guide me through the start-up process - it's been very useful and a great asset."

"I always get something out of it, because the principles are timeless."

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