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While our focus is helping our clients attract significantly more customers, we help clients overcome challenges, and convert opportunities in other areas - especially in difficult economic times.

Services to help your business grow!
  • Attract more Customers! - If you are a business owner, ready to add significantly more customers - and are open to change - then our process is for you! 
  • Decrease Time-to-Market- You can reduce your schedule, decrease costs and improve your products' quality. We have significantly decreased TTM, through Project Management excellence.
  • You-bet-your-company issues - Facing difficult decisions? Our intensive strategic planning helps you deal with pressing problems to help you not only create a long term roadmap, but determine how to overcome short-term you-bet-your-company challenges.
  • Better cash-flow - Are you looking to boost your cash position? Our financial expertise can help you increase your available cash.
  • Improve profits - If you are trying to improve your gross margin as well as your net profit, our Quick-look "Financial Audit" can help you quickly provide you financial insights.
  • Complete projects faster - Manage multiple projects, in different geographic locations... to reduce costs and manage resources better! 
  • Funding- If your company needs an infusion of capital, lenders and investors look for your ‘business story!’ Our "Investor Readiness Program" helps you to enable funding.
  • Pricing optimization - Are you competing on price? Is there downward pressure on what you can charge? Our pricing services have helped dramatically increase clients' prices. 
  • Rapid assessment - If you have a new business idea, we can help you rapidly sort through the critical business issues and provide you insightful advice and counsel -- in only a few hours.
  • Deep assessment - Are you getting the results you need? Would you like to significantly increase the value of your company? Our Insight Program provides you an objective view of your company.
  • CXO performance - Are you looking to turbo-charge your (or your team members') performance? We help senior executives through difficult challenges.
  • Get results, fast! - If you need to take your time searching for "that right" executive, but need need to deal with pressing problems NOW, our interim executive services can help you through your transition.

With over 50 years of experience in supporting the needs of start-ups through Global 500 companies, Synergy's partners provide you strategic and tactical consulting to get you the results you require!

Synergy Consulting assists companies by bringing in proven methods to overcome operational, financial and / or sales and marketing challenges. These include sales, marketing, financial, operations, and project management training.

Interim Executive
In times of change, finding the right manager, who is experienced in, and understands organizational behavior can provide the stability required by the company. This organization-oriented leadership can provide the bridge needed for continued process and skills development & improvement.

Value: We have a variety of applicable consulting, training and interim executive services to address your specific needs.

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