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"Mark Paul has been instrumental in helping us look towards the future in
a more meaningful way."

Are you facing difficult times & difficult decisions? Are you searching for ways to survive, and thrive in the current economic situation?

Strategic Planning Service:

In just two short days* at an ‘off-site’ we help you assess your  situation, your company’s critical success factors, align your management team and develop sufficient planning for you to plot the future of your company in ways you never thought possible.

This process will help you determine key information you will need in order to make critical decisions - to get to your next several levels. 

                "Synergy has made a difference:
                helping us achieve growth at a 40%+ rate
                and increasing profitability by 75%."

Example: One of our clients used our strategic planning process and -- prior to the last economic downturn -- plotted a course "just in case." As a result, the company was prepared for the downturn, kept sales flat (while competitors went out of business) and is now healthy and growing. Read more testimonials, here.

Value:  We can rapidly help you plot a course to deal with difficult company-directional issues and help you increase your company's value.

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* Preparation and follow-up efforts are needed, in order to make the 2-day session a success.

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