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Synergy's Tau Customer Attraction Service combines statistical analyses, customer/prospect research, and business best-practices - to correlate the relationships among seemingly random variables - to determine the lowest cost / highest-ROI approach to attract significantly more customers.

The results our clients have obtained include...

40 to 1 improvement*: Doubled the number of customers: We performed our strategic marketing service and increased revenue over 30% the first month after using our services. Within three months, monthly revenue had increased over 70%, and grew their customer base 100%! (Health care / insurance service company)

80 to 1 improvement: Improved gross revenues: We assessed our client's target market, surveyed their customers, and then used the results to develop a marketing strategy that increased their "marketing ROI" 80x! The return for every dollar they spent changed from a dollar buying 50 cents to one dollar buying $40! The bulk of their marketing budget was spent in one area, due to the thousands of [non-performing] leads they obtained. (Embedded software company)

7 to 1 improvement: Grew net profits: over 50% to $1 million in 3 months! (Software company)

333 to 1 improvement: Increased gross profits: By facilitating a minor market research project, client was able to increase pricing 50% from $8 to $12 per unit, thereby doubling client’s profits (from $4 to $8 per unit.) Additional profits rose 333x! (Retail novelty product manufacturer)

12.5 - 20 to 1 improvement: Improved marketing response rates: from 2% overall to 25% for prospects and 40% for prior customers. (Employment staffing company)

Many more high-ROI results! Call us to discuss which services will provide the best returns for your company.

Give us a call -- and if you are a potential client that we feel qualified to help -- we will meet with you and share our process with you, at no charge! Depending on your situation, a portion of our fee may be based on the performance your company achieves!

Value:  We can help you attract significantly more customers, build revenue, cash-flow and your profitability.

Please note: These are actual results of our services. However, there is no guarantee that these results can be obtained by your company. Each situation is unique by its nature.

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