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[Synergy's partners have over 20 years of experience in their areas of expertise.]

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"Patrick's comprehensive analysis identified strategic options that will help me
to set effective business
and personal goals for the future."

"Mark is one of the most results-oriented people I
have ever worked with."


If you are searching for "that right executive," but need someone NOW -- to get you through the coming weeks and months, we can offer you several senior executives who have "in-the-trenches," hands-on experience!

Interim Executive Services:

We offer: CEO, CFO, Controller, VP Marketing, , VP Product Development, and through our associates, CTO, VP Sales, and VP Engineering services.

This organization-oriented leadership can provide the bridge needed for continued process and skills development & improvement.


Value: If you need solutions now, and can't wait for the hiring process to conclude, we can fill the gap. We get up to speed very quickly and can help you solve your difficult problems.

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