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Mark Paul
Executive, Strategic Marketing, Program
and General Management

Mark Paul has extensive executive level leadership experience. He has led start-ups through public companies in his 19 years in interim executive and consulting work. Before starting his consulting practice he spent 10 years at Northrop Corporation (Global 500 company), where (as an intrapreuner) he built a 250-person, multi-million dollar business unit in two years. He has a degree in Physics, a patent, more pending and published several editions of "The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide" and published his 2nd book "How to Attract Significantly More Customers" in March, 2008.

He is passionate about renewable energy / technology and believes the United States should marshal its considerable resources to become a net-exporter of renewable energy & energy technologies. He will soon publish his third book on this topic (working title): "The High Price of Gasoline... and what to do about it. (How to Solve our Energy Problems, Once and For All.)" An excerpt can be found, here: "The Presidential Speech I'd Like to Hear". He recently started a Renewable Energy Technology Accelerator.

(Detailed bio can be found, here.)

What others say

"Mark is the guy you need if you want to quickly get to the core reasons why your business is not firing on all cylinders. He can step in and help any organization from an executive, operational or sales & marketing perspective."
– Doug Van Riper (CEO)

"Mark Paul is the 'real deal'. Mark provided more viable, valuable direction than I had seen from companies the size and caliber of PWC or M2." – Mark Effinger (Serial entrepreneur)

"I'd recommend Mark to any company looking to launch a new business or improve an existing one." – John Skardon (CEO)

"Mark approaches companies' challenges with energy and excitement. He gives thoughtful, valuable advice. " – Sven Haarhoff (Marketing executive)

"Mark is a class act. He is very client driven having the skills and knowledge to identify, formulate and implement successful strategies." – Peter Paskill (Business owner)

"Mark is a strategic thinker, adept at creating opportunities to improve or turn-around businesses. He's a straight-shooter and a renaissance-man."
– Janet Johnson (Marketing executive)

"Mark's vast background lends to his ability to adapt to others needs and assist them in improvements."
– Cleon Cox III (Business owner, author)