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Not for the faint of heart!

Are you looking to change the world with your new idea or product? Bringing innovative technology to market isn't for everyone. But if you are serious, you have got to overcome difficult challenges. Not everyone is up for it. However, if you think you are, then this book is for you!

Save Time and Money

This book can save you significant time and money - Whether you are an inventor, technologist, entrepreneur, small business owner or CEO of a small company trying to take your company to its next level.

Why was this book written?

When I landed my first job out of college, it only took a week or so to realize I was not prepared for the realities of the business world. Neither college professors nor any courses taught me what I needed to know to get my ideas, inventions and technology to the marketplace.

I did not understand how customers' needs were identified, or how solutions were supplied to satisfy these needs. There were no classes on how to start and effectively run a company, let alone successfully lead an organization to exceptional performance.

Although that has certainly changed in the past couple decades, real-world solutions to real-world challenges are hard to find. During eleven years at two Global 500 companies, I came to realize the best of the free enterprise system was also the worst: Freedom. Freedom to succeed, freedom to fail, freedom to have those individuals who could lead - rise to the top of the company.

Larger companies have the resources to provide post-graduate training and education, but not all companies do. Therefore, the bulk of fast-movers are those who can rapidly learn from the mistakes of others and can understand and solve complex market, leadership, organizational, operational and project problems.

During my eighteen years of consulting, I've seen recurring problems within start-ups and established companies alike.

In a market-driven economy, those entrepreneurs who figure out it is OK to ask for outside assistance are the entrepreneurs who can morph their companies to meet ever-shifting market demands. Typically, entrepreneurs and inventors are ill -prepared to tackle the very difficult challenges associated with starting and/or growing a company. In fact, entrepreneurs have trouble taking their companies to the next level because they have to deal with classic problems - problems which have been solved by others, before - yet insist they can "Do it myself".

Based on my three decades of business development experience, I've concluded that entrepreneurs and inventors need a "survival guide" how to deal with the real-life issues others have faced and already solved.

With this as a guiding light, I wrote The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide - to tackle tough challenges entrepreneurs and inventors face every day. This guide asks questions, and the answers are unique for every situation in which you may find yourself.

From the Forward

"Achieving entrepreneurial success is an awesome challenge is somewhat akin to climbing Mt. Everest. This book can serve as your wise and trusted 'Sherpa' on this formidable journey. The Guide distills an enormous amount of information, wit, and wisdom into a highly readable digest for the entrepreneur."

"Ignore it at your peril!"

Save Years of Learning!

If you are an inventor or entrepreneur who is starting, thinking of starting a company, or looking to take your existing company to its next several levels, this guide is a must read. It can save you years of learning the hard way and help you turbo-charge the start-up & ramp-up process. The principles explained in this guide are presented in a quick-to-read series of topics ranging from getting a new company off the ground to improving marketing and sales performance, as well as operational, and project performance.

"This is a must read."

From the First Edition

"Entrepreneurial experience is a key element to success. But experience is not a commodity and is very difficult to teach efficiently and pass along; it's like "capturing lightning in a bottle." Mark Paul has captured the lightning in a bottle that is the entrepreneurial experience.

The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide methodically and effectively outlines the process of evaluating a business concept and bringing it to fruition as a new enterprise. I was amazed at how well the book captures the essence of the steps required to increase the chances of entrepreneurial success, yet is so easy to read and absolutely practical. This is a must read for those considering entrepreneurial pursuits."

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"A quick and easy read, which will save entrepreneurs precious time."

Not all things to all people:
The focus is on your success!

This book is not trying to be all things to all people. It is not a book on leadership effectiveness, though it has a leadership section. Nor is it about "management"." is about helping inventors & entrepreneurs getting their ideas and products to market. It is about entrepreneurship and about helping companies to outperform themselves. Concepts on people skills, motivational techniques, and how to win friends and influence people are left to others.

This book is written to help inventors and entrepreneurs to ask themselves difficult questions, the answers to which will help them overcome difficult situations. It is also intended to act as a reference guide, when the next step in your evolution and getting rid of roadblocks that are in the your way.

"Provides an excellent roadmap and is a must read for all entrepreneurs."

Learn how to build credibility

You've got a great idea but few, if any, customers. As the leader for a start-up company or if you are trying to take your company to its next level, you have plenty to worry about. If you aren't Jim Clark, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates and have an unproven concept, how do you get anyone to quickly buy in? How do you increase your chances of funding? How do you minimize the amount of the company you'll need to sell? If you are interested in learning how to dramatically increase the probability of getting funded, this book will help you get going.

"A wonderful guide to starting and building your company."

The Realities of Raising Money

You have a great product idea, you've done market research - there's a huge demand for what you've developed, your business plan is done and you're ready to raise money so you can implement your plan. All you need now is to convince people how great your plan is! Here are the 'usual suspects' to consider when trying to raise money.

"Great book! I can understand now why everyone wanted me to read it."

How to Build Your Game Plan

So you think you've got a great new idea that will sell bazillions of new widgets, have 95% gross margin and blow away the competition! All you'll need is a couple hundred thousand dollars. Only a few percent of plans actually get funded. Why donҴ the rest? Several business aspects considered in this chapter must be considered when starting or building your company.

"A clear guide for the processes and hurdles we will encounter in the future."

How to Build Your "Story"

Are you an inventor or entrepreneur who needs money? Are you asking, "Do you know where I can get to investors who will fund this idea?" There are several things you - as the leader - must do in order to convince investors to part with their money. Find out how to dramatically increase your chances of getting funded.

"I enjoyed it very much and have taken it to heart."

How Not to Develop You Project

Many clients have hired me to help them increase profits by improving their product development. Here are my secrets on how not to manage projects. By ignoring these seven critical product development areas, your company will better respond to the market and beat your competitors on price and schedule.

"Your message is oh-so true, and I intend to apply it all."

How Much of The Company Should You give Up?

When looking for equity financing, entrepreneurs often ask me: How much of the company should I give up, and whenԬ What happens when I lose controlԬ How much will our stock be worth... and when? A well thought out business plan, with accompanying financials will answer most of these questions. However, an often-overlooked piece of the puzzle is corporate stock structure, to create a clear road map for stockholders and to help guide your funding decisions.

"Hard-hitting and sage advice throughout!"

Strategic Selling Skills
for the Technology Entrepreneur

In today's high-speed, high technology business environment, many great new companies are built on ideas from technical people. However, many outstanding ideas never get to market, nor receive funding. Why? No real understanding or appreciation of the selling process. There are some fundamental things technically minded entrepreneurs can do to propel their company to its next level.

"I liked the 'self-assessment' tone."

Reasons Why Some Entrepreneurs Perform Poorly

Many change programs end in failure - not due to the improvements being brought in, but because of how changes are implemented within organizations. This chapter addresses the human side of change management - to bring lasting performance improvements to entrepreneurs looking to accomplish aggressive goals.

"Quite an eye opener!"

A Simple Secret to Success

As founder, you know there are ways to both run and ruin your company. Sometimes, the line between these two outcomes is very thin indeed. However, through the use of one simple equation, you can dramatically increase your company's odds of succeeding.

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How to Bankrupt Your Company,
Without Really Trying

Over and over again, companies make the same mistakes. Wouldn't be nice to have a list of those mistakes, which are the most costly to companies? This section summaries the errors and omissions leaders make. Fix them, and you stand to dramatically improve your company's performance!

"Your material is helping me stay focused on the top priority issues."

The Real Value of Market Research

"We don't have time for market research! It costs too much, takes too long, and just confirms what we already know." Sound familiar? A fundamental understanding of your customers' needs is critical to what you offer, your corporate positioning and your marketing strategy. If fear of extinction doesn't motivate you to listen to your existing and potential customers, please don't read this chapter.

"I've been using it to help guide me through the start-up process - it's been very useful and a great asset."

How to Value Price Your Products

Would you like to determine how much your customers will pay for your new products before drafting your first design or spending your first development dollar? This chapter explains how you can understand your customers-specific needs and get the most money for your products and services.

"I always get something out of it, because the principles are timeless."

If you are looking to bring your solution to market or looking to raise money, the insights from this book are invaluable. Don't try it alone! Buy the PDF e-Book. Now! It's only $25.

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