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The members below bring a powerful combination of proven results, integrity, and experience. You can be assured that you will get the best possible results when you work with one or more Business Growth Group members. 

Synergy Consulting Group helps clients attract significantly more customers. We help CEOs and business owners take a truly strategic perspective – to work on the effectiveness of their marketing and sales approach, which dramatically improves return on investment.

Through a proprietary process, we analyze our clients’ past marketing and sales performance, interview their current and past customers for critical insights into the customer-attraction process and then test-market what we learn.

Clients who embrace the changes we bring have seen a 2x - 3x revenue increase in 3 to 18 months. Some clients have raised money or been acquired as a direct result of our services.

Virtual Information Executives (VIE) is a group of CIOs who are passionate about helping clients get business value from IT.

Clients typically hire VIE because they struggle with managing IT due to its expensive, complex, constantly changing nature. Additionally, IT people speak a different language. These issues can result in failures in key IT projects, spending too much money and business needs not being met.

Our working CIOs can fix your IT problems: We have helped over 60 clients in the last 5 years. We help clients through IT assessments, Interim CIO assignments, IT strategy creation, IT Governance and IT organization development.

WCE Consulting Group assists B to B CEOs in assessing and/or developing their sales and channel strategies in order to cost effectively maximize both revenue and market share. The primary philosophy applied in developing growth oriented strategies is the need for seamless alignment and integration with company, market and product strategies. 

The process to achieve mutually agreed upon goals consists of two assessment approaches. The first is a structured root cause analysis facilitated with executive management, customers and channel partners to convert symptoms of true causes of substandard performance. In addition a clear definition of target markets, product strategies and desired results is created, with the end result being an executable, replicable and scalable definition of organizational and channel evolution with corresponding metrics.

Lisa Magnuson, sales strategist and founder of Top Line Sales, LLC, helps high potential sales people and business owners land larger deals, connect to new customers, and expand business. Lisa is passionate about her mission to help her clients win more business.

Typical Client Results:

  1. Increased Revenues from new clients and expansion of current accounts

  2. Easier Sales with clear differentiation strategies which communicate how your company is different and  better than the competition

  3. Greater Success in landing your biggest contracts by applying Lisa's proven step by step strategic selling model

John Boone helps you build, grow, and improve your business by becoming a team member in the role of advisor.  He meets with clients regularly to set strategy and goals, address challenges and opportunities, and improve the foundations of clients’ businesses. 

John draws on a deep pool of business experience including founding three businesses -- one of which he built to $14M in revenues.  He has succeeded in the startup phase, driven growth, navigated through recession, and sold on record earnings.  Awards include the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company and the #1 Best Company to Work for in Oregon.  John works with a variety of clients that range from startups to multi-million dollar companies. 

Do you know whether your business would be marketable if you chose to try to sell it? 

Are you confident you know how buyers will perceive its value? 

Do you no longer feel you have the skill set, time, or desire to pursue additional growth? 

Codiligent is a business sale intermediary who can help you plan for and execute an exit through a third party sale.  A proven proprietary methodology is utilized to analyze the business, estimate its value, determine changes that can be made to improve marketability and value, package the business, locate and market to the right buyers, and negotiate a sale price and terms that are, on average, better than traditional business brokers. 

Codiligent LLC    

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