Reviews that explain their popularity...

"Vocalists Heather Klinger and Rachael Silverman work well together,harmonizing sweetly on 'Falling' and 'Lonesome Taxi'. Guitarist Mark Paul lends provocative seasoning to the odd 'Bad Juju' and country flavored spice to 'Say My Name'. Joan Meyer's thumping bassline and Paul's sizzling guitar solo drive 'Yin'. 'It's a Pity' moves in a smoky, jazzy way and features fine vocal harmonies. The track that really works is 'When You Say You Love Me', which combines equal parts folks music and living room hootenanny to the best effect. Similarly, 'Where is My Lover' shares common qualities."

S.P. Clarke, March 1996,
Two Louies - Portland, Oregon

"The first time I heard Lonesome Taxi, the band was playing the East Avenue Tavern in Portland. Somebody had tied a mylar balloon shaped like a taxi to the drum kit. Through the set, the taxi hovered overhead, rolling backward, pitching forward or just rocking gently from side to side. Lonesome Taxi's music is like that: moving and a little whimsical. The songs contain pain, most of them, but they also point to redemption. Rachael Silverman can fill your chest with the ache in well-chosen line, but before you can suffer, she, John, Joan, Mark and Heather infuse just the right note of vim and wit. The taxi rolls backward, pitches forward and rocks gently from side to side. Enjoy the ride."

Mike Francis - Portland, Oregon, Jun 1995.

"The CD depicts a free-spirited, ultra-casual affair replete with good vibes... features urban folksters Lonesome Taxi."

Tim Casebeer, Sept 1994
Willamette Week - Portland, Oregon

"Lonesome Taxi has been making some waves, with an idiosyncratic sound that includes a drummer with a very unorthodox kit and an approach to match; an anachronistic lead guitarist; and Indigoish vocals."

S.P. Clarke, July 1994
Two Louies - Portland, Oregon

"This group has talent!"

Nancy Rae, March 1994
Two Louies - Portland, Oregon

"Lonesome Taxi is a newish acoustic-oriented eclectic quintet, heading out into Portland."

Sir Johnny Renton, MBE, Oct 13 - 27, 1993
The Rocket - Seattle, Washington

"Lonesome Taxi is a band I'd recommend checking out."

'Steve', Oct. 1993
Street Times - Portland, Oregon


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