John Duke

John Duke, Lonesome Taxi's drummer/harpist, believes the agony of life is that we can't do it all at once. He studied West African drumming for five years and performed with Ghanaian master Kpani Addy. He also did a long stint on washboard and harmonica in a post punk, rockabilly project, the Blind Pharaohs. Together, with his true love Rachael, he formed the Tom Waits-influencd folk duo, Clap Hands. Later, they were joined by guitarist, Mark, and put together Lonesome Taxi.

Heather Klinger

Heather Klinger is a singer/songwriter/therapist and Yoga teacher. For the last several years, she has performed original folk music for voice and guitar in Portland area cafe's and coffee houses. Artists Heather admires include, Joni Mitchell, Patty Larkin, Sarah McLachlan, David Wilcox and Shawn Colvin, to name a few. She describes her music as contemporary folk. Influences include folk, rock and new age. She started playing guitar in 1983, and plays in a variety of open tunings. In the last year, she's been involved with four recording projects. She has plans to work on her own solo CD project.

Joan Meyer

Joan's musical style and experience is eclectic and colorful. She enjoys many styles of music - soul, folk, rhythm & blues, experimental, jazz - and plays a variety of instruments - bass, guitar, vocals and keyboards. She makes music with all kinds of people in all types of places - concerts, bars, garages, parks, dance halls - and in different configurations - all girls, all boys, trio, duo and solo. But what Joan offers for Lonesome Taxi is best described this way:
"She gives the 'grounding' for the band - That gives the rhythm its beat
She keeps the pulse of the traffic jam - Moving on the urban street
She sings a little - a bit discreet - She plays bass guitar in the traffic heat."

Mark Paul

Mark's influences started with his parents (both classically trained music majors), in the early 60's. Learning chords from the Kingston Trio and Brothers Four on guitar, his interests soon changed when he moved to England in 1964. The Beatles' harmonies, rhythm and musical experimentation provided a catalyst for investigations into many different styles - jazz, classical, rock, blues, folk, fusion, etc. By the time he was twenty, he'd been in several bands in Las Vegas (This May be the Last), Southern California (Eclipse & En Rapport) and England (various configurations). He's taken advantage of the rich musical diversity in Portland, and has played in progressive jazz-influenced rock to urban folk bands. Having played drums, flute, synthesizer and other instruments, he's settled on guitar, extracting as much feeling, with as few notes as possible.

Rachael Silverman

Rachael used to sing in the car when she was a kid. Also, in fifth grade, she learned how to play "Battle of New Orleans" on guitar. Things pretty much stayed at that level until high school when she played open mike night at the Ground Round, a mid-western restaurant which encouraged customers to throw empty peanut shells on the floor. In 1988 Rachael joined up with John Duke to form Clap Hands and to get married. Rachael and John are still married, but now play with Lonesome Taxi.


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