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Mark's influences started with his parents (both classically trained music majors), in the early 60's. Learning guitar chords from the Kingston Trio and Brothers Four, his interests soon changed after hearing Stan Kenton and when he moved to England in 1964. The harmonies, rhythm and musical experimentation of the time provided a catalyst to investigate different styles - jazz, classical, rock, blues, folk, fusion, etc. By the time he was twenty, he'd been in several bands in Las Vegas, Southern California (including Eclipse), and England (playing guitar, then drums, then guitar). He's taken advantage of the rich musical diversity in Portland, and has played in progressive jazz-influenced rock to urban folk bands (Lonesome Taxi). Having played drums, flute, synthesizer and other instruments, he finally settled on guitar.

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When? Band? Style? Location? Instruments?
1970 - 1972 Various Progressive rock Las Vegas, NV Drums / guitar
1972 - 1973 Various Progressive rock England Drums
1973-1974 Tough Times R&B Orange County, CA Drums
1974 - 1976 Eclipse Progressive rock Orange County, CA Guitar / flute / drums / synthesizer
1981 - 1983 En Rapport Pop/rock Orange County, CA Guitars
1989 - 1992 Julie Jones & the Things You Are Techno funk/ pop/rock Portland, OR Management/ Guitars
1993-1996 Lonesome Taxi Eclectic urban folk/rock Portland, OR Guitars
1998-2004 aphasia Jazz/fusion Portland, OR Guitars
2004-2005 Solo Classical/acoustic/ avant-garde Portland, OR Guitar


1996: Lonesome Taxi: "Keep the Change"
1998: aphasia: "Hazardous Material"
2003: aphasia: "almost live!"
2004: solo acoustic: "it's not much... but it's all I got"
2008: Eclipse: "9/20/2008" - Reunion gig



Lonesome Taxi, 1993-1996:

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Couldn't resist... playing drums in England, 1972:

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