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jon boone
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Jon started playing bass by accident when, as the harmonica player in a blues band circa 1967, the bass player decided he wanted to be the lead singer (in the middle of a gig). Trial by fire! His musical influences were the funk and jazz-fusion bands of the 60's and 70's. After Vietnam and college he settled in the Carson City/Reno area of Nevada and played in numerous bands. The most notable were the notorious funk bands Armed and Dangerous, The Knobs and Higher Ground and a long-term stay with, probably, the only world-beat band in Nevada The Will Rose Right-On Road Show. He moved to the Portland area in 2001 searching for a more diverse musical culture and is enjoying it immensely. His musical philosophy is good tone, good play and "pocket-pocket-pocket". Jon is in the health-care profession as a pharmacist.

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