Survive & Thrive!

Are you trying to figure out how to
survive the current economic crunch?
And maybe even thrive?

Are you an entrepreneur - or looking to be one?

Are you looking for answers to your specific questions on how to start and build your company?

Are you trying to deal with the current
downturn... in new and innovative ways?

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This audio presentation will help you
in these difficult times:  is only $29.95!

Great idea, product, service or company?

Do you have a great idea? Have you developed a new service, product, or technology that everyone should buy? Are you looking for investment money to build a company? Or to bootstrap? Have you been struggling to get your company off the ground; or having trouble building sales or transforming your dream into reality? Are you ready to learn what may be holding you back?


How do you know you are ready?

=> What are the characteristics of a successful start-up?
=> What are investors looking for?
=> Please... do you have some secret to success?
=> And examples of fundable and non-fundable companies.


"You've got to listen to this presentation!"

Focus on four areas for your success!

The audio covers these four areas...

=> Improving leadership effectiveness
=> Better marketing & sales
=> Building your team, your plan and your story
=> Improving your operational performance


"I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from hearing this."


Landmines to Avoid!

Mark offers the top 10 reasons companies fail . Do you have one of these major challenges?

He also offers the top 10 reasons companies don't get off the ground. But there's more... he gives a "baker's dozen"

"For those  who are either forced into options other than "a job" - and/or those who are excited and ready to begin their journey to a successful entrepreneur!"

Searching for answers?

This no-nonsense presentation is humorous, uplifting and was presented to 250 people looking to start and/or build their companies. 


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Advice you won't get anywhere else!
The e-Book is only $29.95.

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